Stay Strong

Stay Strong


Halloween is coming up so I thought I would share how to do an easy Heath Ledger’s Joker make up tutorial.

Step 1. Mark out the scar pattern, search on google ‘Joker without make up’ for guide on where to do it. I used a red lip pencil so it could easily be hidden under paint.

Step 2. Lightly painted on some Smiffy’s liquid latex over the red scar markings. Several coats (I did four or five light coats) is best for texture and to raise the skin. It will crack when you move your face but don’t panic, it adds to the damaged scar tissue effect.

Step 3. Add the base coat for the white face. I used Smiffy’s clown white. Make sure that it’s thin enough so you can see the skin lightly through. Remember Joker would wear his paint for days maybe, does not have to be neat.

Step 4. Next lip time. Some recommend using Smiffy’s red water colour. I personally used a very deep red lipstick with a brown eye liner pencil for shading around the scar tissue.

Step 5. Close to the eye itself and water line use a black eyeliner pencil then a safe distance away start blending it into a creme black face paint to add depth. With a slightly wet brush start flicking the black away to create a spidery effect around his sockets.

Step 6. For added detail get a wet wipe, frown so you can see your worry lines then lightly wipe away paint. Areas: forehead, between the eyes, slightly above the eyes and under the lips.

Step 7. For the hair, all depends on your length really. For mine, I parted it over to the left and lightly back combed the fringe for shape and messiness. I coloured it with a light coat of green hair spray, mostly over the fringe and tendrils. Leave your roots without colour.

Happy Halloween! Stay safe and remember you can’t have slaughter without laughter.


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